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About Unbroken fellowship

Hello! Have you been looking for a kinship that fits you? Do you enjoy the whole game as far as crafting, questing, socializing and causal raiding? Do you want players who help you along your journey through Middle-Earth? Well Unbroken Fellowship a new kinship would love to have you!

About Us: It all stated in our first guild three years ago Kindred of The Inner Flame where we all first meet with the same goals. Coming back to the game we all learned our Kinship had been disbanded. As we started to return to the game, we found out how many missed what KiF had. Though we may have been spread through out the server we still all missed what we had from our old old guild. Once we gathered back the orginal group we became Unbroken Fellowship. We total twelve players not including alts from our old Kinship. We have many crafters at maxed tiers in every craft. We are helpful, experienced and most of all welcoming. We are looking for players new or old alike that want to be in a medium size kinship, to help and recieve help but also are looking for good friends along the way. Recently added is Bijbash which is a night where we group up and grind for deeds. First to sign up on website gets to pick the trait to grind.

Goals: We are a medium size, which is around 25-30 active players not including alts. This keeps the Kinship small enough to manage but big enough to find help. We raid once a week depending on the interest. Raid times are based on peek player hours. Instances are ran with just a message in kin chat. Social events are held about every two months and around festival times. Lastly we strive to maintain unbroken through thick and thin. 


Here are a list of basic rules we follow and expect all our members to follow.

1.) Recruits are promoted to member after one week minimum and all officers have agreed.
2.) There will be no disruptive behavior or abuse. You will recieve one warning becore being band from kinship.
3.) Don't ask for constant help with gear or quests. 
4.) Do not start trouble in any chat channels. Do not encourage bad behavior in any way. We should try to keep peace so we have players in other Kinships that will offer help. If we offend them we will not make good alliances. This will result in a warning then a kick from Kinship.

Raid Leaders

Ridiric- Captain

Rassar- Warden

Artfuldodger- Burglar    


Senior Officers

Sestiva- Burglar

Ranathir- Minstrel



Bijolas- Hunter








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